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AsilahSpanish offers a Study & Internship program in Barcelona, Malaga, and Madrid, providing interns with customized internship placements in various professional areas of their choice. These placements offer meaningful work aligned with their professional goals and skill development. 

The program duration ranges from 2 to 6 months, with start dates available at the beginning of every month. Interns are expected to commit approximately 30 hours per week to their internships.

Interns have the flexibility to choose their internship site language, which can be either English or Spanish. However, they must possess at least a B2 level proficiency in the language of their chosen internship site. The program is open to individuals aged 18 to 35, with no professional experience required, although preference is given to those studying in their chosen field of internship.

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The program entails certain requirements, including the submission of an Enrollment Form and CV with Photo. Additionally, interns must have a minimum personal liability insurance of €1,000,000 (travel insurance) and complete at least one week of Spanish classes before starting their internship placement.

AsilahSpanish offers three program packages for students: a 2-month package consisting of 8 weeks of internship and Spanish classes, a 3-month package with 12 weeks of internship and Spanish classes, and a 6-month package with 24 weeks of internship and Spanish classes. Customizable packages are available upon request.

The program start dates for 2024 are scheduled on the first Monday of every month, with modules starting from January through November. Interns can choose to work with either English-speaking or Spanish-speaking supervisors. To participate in a Spanish-speaking internship, applicants must pass a B2 level Spanish proficiency exam.

The internship placement process typically takes 8 weeks from the submission of application documents. It involves several steps, including application submission, completion of a questionnaire, an informational phone call with the internship coordinator, site selection, Zoom interviews between the applicant and site supervisor(s), and signing a commitment letter. If feedback from either party is negative after the interview, additional placement sites will be provided, albeit incurring extra fees.