Review from our “Spanish learning students”

I enjoyed the online lessons! The teaching material was genuinely engaging. After completing the exercises, it was beneficial to see where I went wrong. Additionally, being able to repeat exercises allowed me to learn from my mistakes. I found the online lessons with the teacher to be very pleasant. He is clear and explains concepts well. As a suggestion, it would be helpful to provide homework in a Word file format so that José can review it and provide feedback on areas that require extra practice



(conversation course)

I’m really enjoying this method of learning Spanish! There’s a great connection between Rocio and me, and I’m learning a lot from her. I also appreciate that, in addition to standard grammar and vocabulary, Rocio teaches me typical Spanish expressions and seamlessly switches to other topics during class if it fits. It’s very flexible and engaging


(Grammar course)

We thoroughly enjoyed the Spanish lessons at the language school in Malaga. The staff there were incredibly kind, and Monique was always available to answer all our questions, just as you had mentioned.

On the first day of class, we were very nervous. We had slept poorly, and initially felt discouraged, but by day 2, things were already looking up. The school also organized various afternoon activities, which we participated in every day and found very worthwhile. On the last day of school, we even received a private lesson as a supplement to day 1, and we also joined a school-organized activity in week 2: a guided tour of the Picasso Museum. Overall, we are very satisfied with the school.

Furthermore, Malaga is indeed a friendly and beautiful city with kind people and plenty to see. And on Sunday, May 27th, we witnessed the incredibly impressive procession of Malaga’s patron saint. It was a fantastic start to our trip. We were also very fortunate with our apartment.

Sonja, once again, thank you very much for all your extensive and friendly responses to our questions throughout. We had two wonderful weeks. We will return to Spain. Hopefully, next year.

Mirjam and Wil

(course in Malaga)

I went to study Spanish in Malaga, and it was the time of my life. I opted for a host family, and everything was arranged perfectly. My communication with Sonja went smoothly every time. Whenever I had a question, she went above and beyond to help, without any hesitation. I would definitely seek her assistance again next time. Malaga and I are definitely friends now. If you’re interested in following my weekly activities, you can do so on the Facebook page ‘Yo Reist,’ which will remain online.

Yolande de Wekker Palm

(course in Malaga)

“Ik heb een hele goede tijd gehad. Alles was prima voor elkaar. Hartelijk dank. Het is voor herhaling vatbaar!”

Walter Copier

(course in Malaga)

I would like to thank you for arranging the language course in Malaga. I came back on Sunday and had a really fantastic week! Everything was well-organized, the school had a very pleasant atmosphere, and I received a lot of attention in the lessons (and they organized many fun activities). The apartment was perfectly located and very neat!

Anita van Pelt

(course in Malaga)