Spanish Teacher Training Course: Enhancing Skills and Techniques for Non-Native Instructors

Spanish course with native Spanish teacher

Unleash your potential as a Spanish educator with our ELE Training Course

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Unlock your potential as a Spanish educator through our tailored ELE training program. This dynamic course, designed for non-native teachers, offers personalized online sessions led by certified Spanish instructors, complemented by weekly self-study. Elevate your teaching prowess with internationally recognized methods, conquer challenging grammatical topics, and emerge fluent and confident in both spoken and written Spanish. Join us on this transformative journey to revolutionize your classroom experience!

Course Details:

  • 10 private online classes (50 minutes each) with certified Spanish instructors.
  • 2-3 hours of weekly self-study.
  • Tailored learning materials provided by the instructors.

Throughout these sessions, educators will be exposed to a range of techniques honed over our years of specialized experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. Our methodology adheres to international standards, proving valuable for educators addressing challenging grammatical topics that often pose difficulties for students.

Upon completion, teachers will possess a repertoire of instructional techniques easily adaptable to diverse student needs in any learning environment. Conducted entirely in Spanish, the course provides an opportunity for Spanish teachers to refine both oral and written expression, enhancing overall language proficiency.


ELE teacher

Unleash your potential as a Spanish educator with our ELE Training Course

€ 395



10 lessons 50 min

2-3 hours self study

Tailored learning materials


  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Microphone (and camera)


I combined two courses: online conversation lessons with teacher Rocío and a two-week language course in Malaga. I enjoyed both experiences immensely. At the school in Malaga, the focus was on grammar, but speaking was also well-practiced. It’s a wonderful school, located right in the center where plenty of activities are organized outside of lessons, allowing ample opportunity to practice Spanish. The online lessons with Rocío are delightful; she possesses angelic patience and a great sense of humor. I’ve been highly motivated to improve my Spanish for work purposes, and I particularly appreciate the personal contact with Sonja


conversation course and Spanish course in Malaga