An efficient Business Spanish language learning solution for your international team

Spanish business courses with native teachers in Spain

Empower Your Team, Expand Your Reach: Speak Spanish for Success!

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Unlock unparalleled success for your international team with our efficient Business Spanish language learning solution. Tailored to your company’s needs, our bespoke courses eliminate language barriers, ensuring seamless communication in your business sector.

Key Features:

Customized Learning:  Based on your company’s profile and specific communication scenarios, our courses are designed to equip your team with the exact words, phrases, and terminology essential for effective business interactions.

Flexible Online Classes: Enjoy private online classes led by qualified native teachers in Spain. Schedule sessions at your team members’ convenience, allowing for uninterrupted professional development.

Tailored Materials: Our digital learning environment features materials curated by our expert instructors. Aligned with each student’s proficiency level, profession, and business objectives, these resources enhance the learning experience.

Why Invest in Language Proficiency?

Global Productivity Boost: Language proficiency enhances productivity and job performance. Employees receiving language training become more confident, perform better, and feel valued by their company for investing in their personal and professional growth.

Time Savings: Improve efficiency as workers save an average of three hours weekly due to enhanced language skills, reducing the need for translation and resolving communication-related issues.

What Sets Us Apart:

Native Instructors: Learn from qualified native teachers based in Spain, ensuring an authentic language experience. Our instructors, certified by Instituto Cervantes, guide students to speak Spanish as it’s officially spoken.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Tailored to each team member’s profession, objectives, and proficiency level, our courses cover listening, reading, writing, and communication skills. Aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning.


Immediate and Future Impact:

Whether in Spain or another Spanish-speaking country, investing in Spanish language skills will elevate your team’s professional and social dynamics. Our flexible programs accommodate busy schedules, offering your staff the convenience and freedom to learn at their own pace.

Empower your team, enhance business relationships, and secure a future of success with our Business Spanish language courses.

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Maximize Your Team’s Potential with Business Spanish Mastery.

€ 395



10 lessons 50 min

2-3 hours self study

Tailored learning materials


  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Microphone (and camera)


Highly recommended!! I took the conversation course! Estoy muy feliz! Gabriela is a superb teacher. She immediately puts you at ease, we had great conversations. I also received a lot of course material, which was very useful for me. This way, I could practice grammar at my own pace. The exercises are ingeniously structured. You are taken to a higher level without even noticing it. I’m considering a follow-up when I can fully commit again. The Corona time brought me a lot of Spanish knowledge.


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